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  • Black See-Through Lace Socks
  • White See-Through Lace Socks
  • Girl wearing the black See-Through Lace Socks with a black thigh garter belt and black dress
  • Girl wearing the white See-Through Lace Socks with a white dress while beside a gray bunny stuffie
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See-Through Lace Socks

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These sexy thigh-high lace socks will make you extra attractive and lengthen the look of your legs, especially when you pair them with awesome outfits and thigh garter belts.

They'll also look super amazing with gothic, bridal, fairy, avian, elven, and other fantasy-themed looks!

🦋 MATERIAL: Spandex, Polyester
🦋 LENGTH: 62 cm (24.4 in)
🦋 WEARER WEIGHT RANGE: 35 to 60 kg (77.2 to 132.3 lb)

  • Careful not to stretch too much. These socks are almost completely transparent, and to achieve that look, the fabric composition had to be super sheer.
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