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  • White Ruffled Mini Skirt
  • Ruffled Mini Skirt
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Ruffled Mini Skirt

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Look elegant and sophisticated with this ruffled mini skirt. It's great for both casual and professional settings!

Made from thick, elastic fabric and decorated with stylish buttons, not only is this skirt a gorgeous addition to your wardrobe, but it's also comfortable to wear. Plus, it's got pockets!

🔅 MATERIAL: Acrylic, Microfiber, Spandex

🔅 FABRIC TYPE: Knitted

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Skirt Dimensions:

  • WAIST: 60 to 96 cm elastic (23.6 to 37.8 in)
  • HIP: 80 to 120 cm elastic (31.5 to 47.2 in)
  • LENGTH: 43 cm (16.9 in)

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