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  • White cloud pillow
  • Girl surrounded by a dozen plush sky pillows
  • Pink cloud pillow
  • Grey cloud pillow
  • White raindrop pillow
  • Pink raindrop pillow
  • Grey raindrop pillow
  • White star pillow
  • Pink star pillow
  • Grey star pillow
  • White crescent moon pillow
  • Pink crescent moon pillow
  • Grey crescent moon pillow
  • Hand squishing a grey cloud pillow
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Plush Sky Pillows

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🌤️ SOFT & HUGGABLE: These super adorable sky pillows are stuffed with plush synthetic cotton, so it's very soft and huggable!

🌤️ PERFECT FOR GIFTING: It's the perfect gift for your favorite people, too!

NOTE: These pillows don't have a removable cover.

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Sky Pillow Sizes

  • CLOUD: 55 x 45 cm (21.7 x 17.7 in)
  • RAINDROP: 33 x 50 cm (12.9 x 19.7 in)
  • STAR: 50 x 50 cm (19.7 x 19.7 in)
  • MOON: 53 x 30 cm (20.9 x 11.8 in)

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