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  • Neko Bell Collar (Pink Silver)
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  • Neko Bell Collar (Pink Gold)
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  • Neko Bell Collar (Black Gold)
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  • Neko Bell Collar (White Gold)
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  • Neko Bell Collar (Red Gold)
  • Girl wearing the PinkGold Neko Bell Collar
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Neko Bell Collar

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This neko bell collar will get you into kitten space right away!

Prepare to feel so small and feline with this pretty thing around your neck, especially with its bell pendant.

You can wear it with nothing else on (well, maybe a leash, cat ear headband, and tail plug) and crawl to your owner with your cute butt swaying.

They won't be able to keep their hands off you for sure.

🔔 REAL JINGLING BELLS: The cat bell softly jingles so that daddy knows where you are at all times.

🔔 HANDCRAFTED WITH LOVE: This collar is 100% handmade using synthetic leather. It's completely vegan, super stylish, and made with love and care just for you!

🔔 CORROSION RESISTANT: The metals used are either silver or gold zinc alloy, which means you can wear this collar for a long time without worrying about it being damaged by environmental forces.

🔔 ADJUSTABLE: You don't have to be too concerned with the fit because it's perfectly adjustable with a buckle.

Collar Dimensions:

  • LENGTH: 11.8 to 15.7 inches (30 to 40 cm)
  • CAT BELL DIAMETER: 30 mm (1.18 in)

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