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  • Lilith Devil Lingerie
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If you're a good girl most of the time, sometimes it just feels good to let loose your inner devil.

This sexy mesh jumpsuit won't really hide anything, but it'll accentuate your best assets and make you look like you're covered in webs of dark magic.

When you wear this, it'll definitely bring out the naughty trickster in you and make you spread your brattiness all throughout the land with devilish glee.

Be warned, those who have worn this lingerie and transformed into bad girls will be punished thoroughly.

Wearing it definitely comes with a price.

Are you willing to pay it? 


  • This set includes: open jumpsuit + headband + armbands
  • The fabric is made of nylon.
  • The mesh jumpsuit will hug your body and showcase your beautiful curves. Plus, there's a long furry black tail that you can wag around when swaying your cute booty!


  • Bust: 80 to 105 cm (31.5 to 41.3 in)
  • Hip: 80 to 110 cm (31.5 to 43.3 in)
  • Ideal weight of the wearer: 65 kg (143.3 lb)


  • Please allow for a 2-3 cm difference in the sizes due to manual measuring.


  • Hand wash in cold water and don't use bleach
  • If possible, dry clean

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