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  • Kawaii Bunny Headband and Tail Plug Set (Pink)
  • Kawaii Bunny Headband and Tail Plug Set
  • Kawaii Bunny Headband and Tail Plug Set (White)
  • Kawaii Bunny Headband and Tail Plug Set (4-Piece Pink Set)
  • Diameter of the silicone bunny tail plug
  • Close-up shot of the pink bunny tail plug
  • Close-up shot of the white bunny tail
  • Close-up shot of the headbands
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Kawaii Bunny Headband and Tail Plug Set

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Imagine wearing a super cute bunny dress with these pink and white bunny ear headbands on.

And then daddy asks you to go on all fours on the bed.

He orders you to keep still while he reaches under your short skirt, slowly peels down your panties, and plays with your adorable butt hole for a bit.

And then slowly, you feel a cold, slick tiny object entering...

It's the bunny tail plug you bought with the headband!

Once it's inside you, daddy gently pats your right butt cheek and rubs his hands together. "There you go, princess. You've transformed into a bunny!"


What will your story be like?

Get your bunny ears and tail plug now to find out!


  • This set is made with high-quality faux fur that doesn't shed easily and treated so as not to let tiny thread balls clump together within the fur even after washing.
  • The bunny ears are super flexible. You can bend them and shape them!
  • The butt plug is made of silicone, and it has a diameter of 2.8 cm (1.1 in). It's strongly attached to the cute fur tail, so you don't have to worry about it falling off!
  • Oh! The tail plug has a paw print on it! Isn't that so kawaii?!


  • Please allow for a 1-2 mm difference in the tail plug's diameter due to manual measuring.
  • Because of camera lighting and screen differences, the color of the item you receive might be slightly different from those in the pictures. The style should be the same, though!

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