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  • Banana penguin plushie
  • Cute penguin plushie
  • Chili penguin plushie
  • Carrot penguin plushie
  • Watermelon penguin plushie
  • Boy penguin plushie
  • Girl penguin plushie
  • Couple penguin plushie
  • Big and small chili penguin plushie
  • Chili penguin plushie right side
  • 4 penguin plushies on a couch
  • Cute penguin plushie head
  • Watermelon and banana penguin plushies
  • Boy, watermelon, and carrot penguin plushies
  • Banana and carrot penguin plushies on a desk
  • Chili penguin plushie chili
  • Cute penguin plushie feet
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Cute Penguin Plushie

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Choose a cute penguin plushie to add to your workshop where you do all sorts of fun things! It'll be your new friend to motivate you while you color and make art.

It's super soft and huggable, so it's also perfect as a sleeping buddy.

What will you name your new best friend?


🐧 FILLING: PP Cotton

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