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  • Crystal Rhinestone Swan Earrings (Black)
  • Crystal Rhinestone Swan Earrings
  • Crystal Rhinestone Swan Earrings (White)
  • The black and white Crystal Rhinestone Swan Earrings on top of a metallic-colored leather surface
  • Close-up shot of the black Crystal Rhinestone Swan Earrings
  • Close-up shot of the platinum Crystal Rhinestone Swan Earrings
  • Close-up shot of both the black and platinum Crystal Rhinestone Swan Earrings
  • Width and length of the Crystal Rhinestone Swan Earrings
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Crystal Rhinestone Swan Earrings

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Metal Color

Baby Camilla loves putting on her tutu, tiara, and these beautiful shiny earrings, so she can transform into a swan-like ballerina and dance around the house unattended.

She plays elegant piano music in the background while she puts on a show to her stuffies.

And when daddy comes home and catches her in the act, he just pulls her to his lap and showers her with kisses. By that time, she's tired from all the dancing.

She lets daddy take off her clothes while he keeps spreading more kisses over her body. He slowly removes the earrings and nibbles on her earlobes, making her giggle.

Then he puts her favorite crystal swan studs on the bedside table while he lays her in bed and slowly has his way with her.


So, you see...

These earrings are magical. You better get your pair now before they run out!


  • Made from copper and cubic zirconia, these gorgeous crystal swans will make your eyes shine!
  • It weighs 5 g and spans 17x18 mm. They'll decorate your ears beautifully.
  • It's plated with white gold, allowing you to sparkle from miles away


  • Please allow for a few millimeters difference in the earring's dimensions due to manual measuring.
  • Because of camera lighting and screen differences, the color of the item you receive might be slightly different from those in the pictures. The style should be the same, though!

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