About Me


Hi, I'm Nadia. I'm a little just like you, and this is my little space!

I run this entire store by myself but I also have a day job. Sometimes it can be overwhelming, but it makes me happy knowing I can collect products you love and provide them for you!

I have a daddy, and he's super supportive with what I'm doing. Whenever I need help, he's always there to lend me a hand. He's busy working on his own things, but we're in this together.

I think every little is special. That each one is a brilliant gem in an otherwise dull and unhappy world.

Which is why I started DDLG Outfits and committed to creating a place to make you feel safe and surrounded by all the playthings you love.

From collars and leashes, to onesies and PJs, to sexy lingerie and adorable dresses, this is your DDLG haven.

I have to be honest: This shop is still in its early stages. And I'm a one-little team (who occasionally calls for daddy's guidance when she's drowning). I definitely need your help and feedback.

So, if you think I should change or add things to the website in order to make things better, then please let me know. I'd love to hear your thoughts and it'd be amazing if this site would be something we build and develop together.

Have fun browsing through the catalog!